You know you wanna. What’s up with that?

(from Ranty’s log, August 2013)

Will there be a Deliverance this year? Short answer? “Yeah, but nah, but yeah.”

Deliverance isn’t dead. It’s not even sleeping. You may all be wondering WTF is up with this “Ison” thing? What is ranty ranting about now?

“Ison” was the name that popped into my head when i checked out our chosen date – November 29th – December 1. At that time, Comet Ison will make it’s closest approach to the sun.

Ison can also be read as “Its Some Other Name” as i joked privately. But –

It really has 2 deeper meanings to me. As i mentioned earlier, we’ve run a quiet and cosy (but hella tasty) winter party – called “Stockwood” – for 21 years now, with few hitches. It’s not visually flash like a doof can be, very stripped back, invite only, and every single one has been killah.

Because of it’s invitational nature, we avoid all the bullshit stress that goes with trying to be a ‘festival’. And the fact is? Deliverance was never trying to become RSF, the BDO, or a ‘festival’. Yeah, i got stars in my eyes, wanted to be all things to all people. Gosh, that’s expensive and stressful.

At it’s core, we just wanted to showcase cutting edge sound, in a pretty wicked backyard.

(The people who have already signed up to play this edition, fit that criteria in spades.)

So what does Ison mean? Literally?

It’s Stockwood, Only – Not.

If you don’t know Stockwood, that won’t mean much. So…

It’s also short for “Invitational SessiON”

And that, is how we’re going to roll this time. And i think, this is the way forward. It was really always the original intent anyway. If i’m not going to be paid for this, I’d really like to go to the party. At least, part of it. Cos i would certainly buy a ticket if someone else threw it.

Here’s how we’re rolling this year.


Deliverance Presents – The Invitational Sessions. aka: Ison.

Date: Friday November 29 – Monday December 2

If you’re into this, sing out.

email me, rantybru, on interstateplates@gmail.com:

subject: “rant, please”

and i’ll give you full info on how to apply for whatever, and the app rules.

If you’re not, hopefully see you next year for Deliverance 2014! (unless this wipes it off the map, in which case, you snooze, you lose)

If you’re not a DJ (or are), but would like to support this event at a discount from the usual hundybux, we’re live already with a super time-limited discounted ticket link, which is included in the meta-rant (see email thingy above) or click the link below – this is a pre-release and will last about a week before we go live.


As per last year, anyone who has ever performed, played, VJ’d from 2010 until now, is guest-listed this time – but you must RSVP.

We’re also giving a limited number of gift passes for people with Birthdays falling on that weekend. Again, you have to RSVP as they won’t be unlimited. (aaand, you have to at least be a friend of a friend, we still reserve the right to not let in total randoms who don’t even say hi first) 😉

Mwah to the tribes


please speak to bru before applying for anything. I would suggest you email and read the meta-rant, so you understand what you’re in for. It will be fun.


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