Unsub’s 4th solo album release on PHDM features a journey from Dub, through breaks and into Dnb. The incorporation of live instrumentation can be heard throughout this 13 track LP. One only has to look at the label’s previous releases of “Hypnogogia” or “Drama” with its eiree guitar and soulful piano to hear what has quickly become a tradition for the label, firmly planting it’s feet in both the analog and digital worlds.

The first track brings the State of Play VIP a collaboration between Unsub and label head Alexis K, serving brooding dark warehouse vibes to the dance floor. As Unsub explains, “Returning to the source of our first collaboration felt like the right way to reconnect with our shared history. Alexis K is the reason we do what we do. She is an expert musician, and when she started encouraging me to explore, I knew we had to collaborate. It took the better part of 5 years for that to happen but here we are, the 10th anniversary of it!”

Rare Candy is an exploration of rhythmic flows; from the captivating toms and tribal work of “Sunstones”, the emotive textures of the “Butcher of a Silk Button”, all the way through to the aptly named “Immersive”, evoking imagery of the secret warehouse raves it was born in. Rounding out the release with a deep liquid meditation on “Twisted Freqs”.

Volume 1 is the first in the series of multi-genre artist explorations known as Rare Candy.


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