So, for those of you who didn’t know; I’m a HUGE gamergeek. I play a stupid amount of them as you can tell here:

Raptr Gamercard

BUT, I’ve recently been pursuing some of my other loves and that’s playing around with old school RPG Makers =D I thought it would be entertaining to make a Misadventures game using the album (and other music) as the background for it. Its actually started out pretty well so I think I’ll probably end up posting more about it as I go along. Maybe even some screen shots.

p.s. feel free to add me on any of those gaming networks you use. I’m on all of them as LilyUnsub (or if I’m not, hit me up and I’ll give it a go). When I’m not producing I’m playing games or, now, making them hehe. Hope ya well

Love Lily xX

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It now has mini-games in an arcade. games within a game, inception style! Not to mention you can get intoxicated with various substances (and even OD if you take too much). It also has a bar where you can request a few different songs from the pianist; unheard piano/vocal acoustics of 3 my tracks =D shibbi!

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