So apparently Juno has already put up my album on their site and you can listen to the whole thing. Though they’ve managed to get most of the bpms wrong and also put it in the rock/indie category? wtf?! thats different lol. Anyways, I’d rather you get it from my campaign but if you must have it before the campaign ends you can pick it up from Beatport, Itunes or Juno on the 26th August… let me know what you think?

Misadventures of Pilbourne Delaney LP


I was so curious to listen to that stuff. I should have not…

Damn! “They got the bpm wrong?” Cute description!
You’d have better said: “They completely ruined my music!”
I don’t know the tunes, so I can’t be really sure how they are meant to be…
But what I can hear is: They certainly are not meant to be like that!

hehe, they are playing right but the speed they have written next to them is wrong! It happens though. Might see if I can get them to change it from a Rock/Indie album though!! lol

Okay… Then it’s just my littly tiny computer that’s too slow again to deal with it.
😀 Gosh… Tachycardia… My heart was break dancing.

So there are NO changes of speed DURING one song, are there? Really sounds creepy…
I need a new computer… 🙁
It happens… Sometimes I listen to mp3 and am like: “Hey… That’s the wrong key…” Because my computer does strange things…

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