Have you ever had any questions that you’ve wanted to ask me that you’ve not felt like you’ve had the right opportunity to ask? Want to know about certain tracks, the stories, my story or more about who I am behind the music? WELL, here is your chance =D You can join Rod Azlan and I for a chat live in a Hangout on Air 12:00 pm GMT 01:00 am NZ. You can ask your own questions live via comments or hit up Rod beforehand if there are things you want him to ask. I’ll be talking about the new album, the indiegogo campaign and about being transgender. I know a lot of people have questions about the transgender side of things and often feel awkward about asking so feel free to send them through to Rod or ask during the interview, I’m happy to answer them!

Hope to see you there,
<3 Lily xX www.22s.com/rodazlan to watch on Facebook

or https://www.youtube.com/user/rodazlan/live


Looking forward to this!! <3

Got plenty of questions… making my list now =)

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