Its true, I have done me an indiegogo campaign. I umm’d and aahh’d for a long time before deciding that this was something I wanted to do. Your support, both moral and financial, makes the world of difference to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love Lily xX


All the best my love. But I am broke as shit. SUPPORT UNSUB THE SICK BITCH.

Jase salmon lee

Broke as fuck. But support. UNSUB IS A MAD BITCH.

Huuuuge. Big love lil! Warrior princess, here we go!

I second and forward your motion.
Good luck raising those buck! 🙂

Good luck Lily, I hope you make it. You certainly deserve it, and they need you more than you need them, they just don’t know it yet!
I’m sorry I’m can’t afford more, but every bit helps, I suppose.

On ya sister, big love! 😀

You rock my world lady! Inspiring to watch you continue to take those steps forward! Can’t stop the heart!! I love you!

Thank you all so much!!! I’m truly lucky to have such awesome people in my life <3

as are we 🙂

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