Just out of curiousity I decided to take the top 10 countries from my SOundcloud for total plays and work out their percentage of total plays to see which countries listen to my music the most <3 And the total plays is around 275k on Soundcloud United States - 30.3% United Kingdom - 11.9% New Zealand - 9.2% Germany - 6.7% Australia - 4.9% Canada - 4.8% France - 3.2% Netherlands - 2.5% Poland - 1.9% Russian Federation - 1.7% Most; Interesting place I've been played: Ethiopia Strangest place I've been played: Folk Islands Surprising place I've been played: Palestinian Occupied Territory Thank you to all of you around the world who have taken the time to listen to what I've made =) it really means alot to me and I cant thank you enough, Love Lily xX

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