So I just uploaded our logo to the Society6 site so we have some merch. Mostly it was just so RIchie and I could order hoodies =D but if you want some click the link! We get a few dollars for each sale which is rad but we are looking into other merch avenues aswell, thinking about putting the Misadventures artwork on a shirt too if anyone else is keen <3 Unsub Merch


Yessssssss! We’re are tge singlets!!!?

They are on the Merch Link at the bottom. Then ya just have to click on the left side menu on what ya after =D score!

Awww, Misadventures artwork would be cool! <3
I'd love to have it on a t-shirt and a hoodie.
I'm pretty sure that would look awesome on me. <3
Can you put it up?

T-shirt turned into a pillow case, and it’s awesome! <3 Thank you!
Looking forward to my hoody even more now.

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