So I’ve launched a new alias with a new album coming out soon! n0isemakeR <3 n0isemakeR Merch is now available too with the new logo. The first release was a taster for the new Unsub v n0isemakeR – Misadventures III : We Might Be Monsters LP coming out on Section 8 later this year. As well as launching a new alias (solo debut n0isemakeR album coming end of year as well, my best work by far) I have a new Alexis K solo album in the works and another Unsub LP featuring a lot more deep dub! Beyond that I started working on teaching myself how to draw (see below) and am considering doing some prints since a few people have asked. I recently got a tattoo kit and will be learning how to tattoo as well since its something I’ve always been fascinated by. I also got my first tattoo in January

In other news, I’ve managed to shed 62kgs since October after splitting with my fiancee and long time stage partner Amphetimess/Intalekt MC. We will still be performing shows together in the coming months/years but I needed to be true to myself and who I am.

I’ve also spent the last year and a half playing competitive esports in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and currently play for one of the top female teams in the Oceanic Region. Its been a whole new journey and something I’ve absolutely loved. It can definitely be frustrating but generally its one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had the chance to be a part of. I’ll be getting back into live streaming again soon (waiting on the CPU upgrade atm) on twitch.tv/lilyunsub where I’ll be streaming CSGO, Retro Consoles and music production. Might even stream some art at some point.

Anyway, hope you like some of the art I’ve included here. Like music, each one tells a story and I hope it makes you feel something, even if its disgust haha. But its for this reason I’m probably not going to be selling originals any time soon. I’ll most likely upload more here and if there is a particular piece you’d like a print of, let me know and I’ll start the scanning process xX <3 lots of love and thank you for the ongoing support!

Love Lily xX

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